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Current Positions Available

Behavioral Health Technician - 2nd & 3rd Shift

Behavioral Health Technician Job Description

Minimum requirements for all personnel are to be of age 21 or above, have a valid driver’s license and obtain fingerprint/ background clearance.

The Behavioral Health Technician will, in addition to the Personnel Qualification listed above, have education and experience as follows:

  • A master’s degree or bachelor’s degree in a field related to behavioral health, or

  • Is a registered nurse, or

  • Has a bachelor’s degree and at least six months of behavioral health work experience, or

  • Has an associate degree and at least one year of behavioral health work experience, or

  • Has a high school diploma or a GED and one years of full-time behavioral health work experience, or

  • One year of full-time behavioral health work experience, or

  • Is a licensed practical nurse and at least one years of behavioral health work experience.

Before providing behavioral health services for HOPE AZ, LLC Behavioral Health Technician will have his/her records and training reviewed by the administrator to ensure that he/she has the skills and knowledge to:

  • Protect Resident Rights

  • Provide treatment that promotes resident dignity, independence, individuality, strengths, privacy and choice;

  • Recognize obvious symptoms of a mental disorder, personality disorder, or substance abuse;

  • Provide the behavioral health services that HOPE AZ, LLC is authorized to provide and that the personnel member is qualified to provide;

  • Meet the unique needs of the population served;

  • Recognize and respect cultural differences;

  • Protect and maintain the confidentiality of resident records and information;

  • Recognize, prevent, and respond to a situation in which a resident:

    1. May be a danger to self or a danger to others,

    2. Behaves in an aggressive or destructive manner,

    3. May be experiencing a crisis situation, or

    4. May be experiencing a medical emergency;

  • Read and implement a resident treatment plan;

  • Assist a resident in accessing community resources;

  • Record and document resident information;

  • Demonstrate ethical behavior, such as by respecting personnel member and resident boundaries and recognizing the inappropriateness of receiving gratuities from a resident;

  • Identify types of medications commonly prescribed for mental disorders, personality disorders, and substance abuse and the common side effects and adverse reactions of the medications;

  • Recognize and respond to a fire, disaster, hazard, and medical emergency;

  • Provide the activities or behavioral health services identified in the personnel member’s job description or HOPE AZ, LLC Policy and Procedure.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the health, safety, and well-being of the clients.

  • Provides direct care service and supports to the clients in meeting their basic personal and home care needs. This may include assistance or prompting with personal hygiene and self-administration of medication, meal time preparation, and chores.

  • Modeling appropriate social behavior and positive use of free time with recreational activity both in the home and the community.

  • Ensures that the clients comply with house rules, treatment plans which include personalized goals, appropriate interpersonal relationships, and fire and safety protocols.

  • Follows the program guidelines and protocols, implement day-to-day structure which may include redirection, and verbal intervention where applicable.

  • Submits significant and routine paperwork such as progress notes, incident reports, medication logs, maintenance requests, etc as required by the program. Attention to detail is important for these clinical records.

  • Prepares or supervises meal preparation according to the pre-established menu and client abilities and perform household duties daily. Other specific duties are assigned by shift and posted at the location.

  • Ensures that the facility is physically maintained to meet license requirements and is clean and habitable at all times.

  • Other duties as required. 

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